Reaching Goals Through Harrowing Obstacles

It’s been a little over 12 weeks since I’ve had a patella femoral replacement and MPF ligament reconstruction surgery. Recovery has been an emotional roller coaster. As a personal trainer and massage therapist, I’ve been a great case study for myself and look forward to relaying that experience with clients.

These past weeks I’ve had to consciously work on keeping a positive mindset. Going in, I was highly optimistic on a strong recovery and excited about rehab.  I didn’t foresee a bump in the road. I developed a “stiff knee”. Range of motion, flexion-specifically, was not progressing. Thoughts around the reality of a potential second surgery put me in a despondent state. This was my harrowing obstacle.

I gave myself time to freak out, to feel discouraged – though I held on to some hope. The surgeon and therapy team acted quickly. I’m so grateful to have had such a diligent team of therapist and a brilliant surgeon. It felt great to have support, through the clinical team, my family, and neighbors. This is what helped me face the obstacle and regain my hope.

I am a determined individual, self-motivated, and this situation chiseled away at that. My thought for this blog piece is don’t face grand challenges alone. Seek support. Ask for help. Give in to your sadness, just put in the work at coming out of it. Find your anchors, those people/hobbies that keep you afloat. They are very important people in the recovery process.


Stand tall, breathe deep!

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