Video Consultation

Let’s begin with a 20-minute virtual consultation. We will discuss your goals and concerns for fitness and health, and the best therapeutic/training approach. I’m here to guide and support! Leave your availability and contact info below and anything else you’d like me to know.

Are you ready to commit to a routine? Have personalized monthly workouts delivered directly to your phone via the Trainerize app. Receive 8 workouts 2p/week to work on your fitness goals.

Online Training Membership Includes;

  • Support from a knowledgeable trainer at the tip of your hands.
  • Initial and Monthly 20-minute Consultation via Skype
  • Monthly workouts (2per week, 8 total) delivered via Trainerize app, customized to suit your unique fitness goals
  • Workouts may be a combination of personalized on-demand video or pre-written exercise routine
  • Stay focused and motivated through supportive coaching; in-app progress tracking; weekly call in either via video, phone call or in-app text messaging

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