Client Testimonials

I have been working with Corina for several months. She is a very knowledgeable and caring person. I find her food and exercise logs helpful in keeping me on track toward achieving my goals. I appreciate that she modifies exercises according to my fitness level and suggests healthy food and exercises to follow during the week. As a result of working with Corina, I am feeling stronger. I highly recommend her if you want help in achieving your fitness goals

Marie D., NY, NY

Corina; I found your knowledge to be very helpful. You made me feel at ease to tell you where I was failing and gave me the enthusiasm to achieve small goals and a map to achieve my end results. As a fitness coach, I give you a 10. Thanks so much.

Lissa G., Oregon, CA

Corina has worked with both my parents for almost 2 months now and she has been really helpful in getting them to commit to doing exercises and doing them the right way. Before, my Mom, who has chronic low back pain, went to an outpatient PT once a week and would do the exercises at thome but sometimes incorrectly and she would incur more pain after doing them. After having Corina work with my Mom and now my Dad, they both do the exercises frequently during the week and correctly and are actually taking interest in doing them. They have noted that it has helped them get back into getting in shape as they both have never really been ones to go to the gym. Especially with this COVID pandemic, my parents don’t leave the house, so she has been helpful in coming once a week to do sessions with them and then also make videos for them to follow. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress both my parents will make and hope Corina can continue to work with them as long as she is able to.

Mercy, Teresa, Mfon, Westchester, NY

I’ve been working out with Corina for nearly three years. When we first met, I had persistent trouble with my lower back and hip flexors. My ankles were weak, and my shoulder blades were terribly tight. Corina had all the answers for my problems. She is extremely well versed on all matters of the body. In a short period of time, I was able to work with light weights. Together we worked to strengthen my core and maintain better posture. I consider myself very lucky to have her as my trainer.

Henry H., NY, NY
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