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I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for 13 years. I pull together my experience and knowledge as a massage therapist, health coach, and personal trainer to offer you a comprehensive program. I serve busy professionals in their 40’s that are overworked, overstressed, and feeling unfit. If this sounds like you and you are ready to build a durable body, boost your energy, and form sustainable habits to support your long-term health, I’m here to support and guide your unique journey. Are you up for a transformation? I offer remote coaching nationwide and 1:1 virtual training via Zoom. Remote options are delivered through a downloadable fitness app. Each fitness routine comes with;

  • Clear video demo
  • Audio and written instructions on exercise form
  • Programs with virtual training include 45-minute sessions
  • Regular access to me by text messaging for further support
  • Weekly Check-ins to track progress and discuss your wins and challenges
  • Photo uploads to track progress (optional)

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Which Program is Right for You?



So you’ve been thinking of getting into a fitness routine but aren’t ready to work with a trainer 1:1, you want to workout independently but need guidance and support to reach your specific goals – where to begin?
Begin with the program that will set you on the right path;

Build a Strong Foundation

This 8-week program has two 4-week phases, gradually adding intensity. This program focuses on enhancing body awareness, building inner core strength and stability, and fine-tuning form and alignment. We’ll address the areas that are commonly overworked in modern day society; This will free up restricted muscles, improve mobility, and reduce the risk of injury at the gym, and in day to day life. Your subsequent workout sessions and overall results will be maximized. Program includes; 3 exercise routines and 2 recovery routines a week.


You’ve spent some time working out, developed a base knowledge of form and alignment but attained no specific goal; Maybe an injury set you back or work has been too busy for you to develop a proper fitness plan. You’re tired of feeling unhealthy and are ready to commit to get fit. You want guidance, encouragement, and a customized fitness routine that will keep you engaged, help you build a strong body and develop long-term healthy habits. This is where live 1:1 virtual personal training or a program tailored to your unique fitness goals will elevate your health and set you on track to reaching your top fitness priorities.

Customized Training Programs

After a virtual consultation and assessment we will determine a baseline to begin from. The minimum commitment is 3-months. This will give you an opportunity to turn your actions into a habit that will benefit you for a lifetime. You’ll be mentally and physically reinvigorated, and learn valuable insights for your specific body.

Set up a virtual consultation to discuss and define your fitness priorities and get a clear overview of my training programs. There is no one-size fits all. I consider the whole individual when customizing a training routine – don’t settle for less.

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