Remaining Motivated While in Pain

It’s been nearly 4 weeks since I’ve had knee surgery and it’s been a challenge staying motivated. I’ve found that staying focused on not losing too much strength is my trigger to motivation. I know my cardiovascular health will diminish somewhat. I keep a realistic outlook on what I can accomplish day-to-day and keep my mind on the cumulative results. Everyday there’s a mini milestone. I find that it’s a great opportunity for exercising creative techniques. I can’t do much for cardio aside for walking (in a brace with crutches for 6 weeks!)but I’ve found that the body blade gives me a great cardio blast without gross movement but yet reverberates throughout my whole system. It’s a good feeling, to work to feel out of breath, and be able to bounce back. Think creatively, be proud of the mini milestones and most importantly stay consistent. Find what triggers you to do better, retain what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Grab a loved one that’s supportive and uplifting. Be proactive, the pain will subside – your strength shouldn’t.

Stand tall, breathe deep!
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