Save Your Back, Trim Your Waistline, Move Better at the Gym or with Everyday Tasks

Watch the replay of this webinar to learn preventive strategies and exercises to protect your back, build movement awareness and strengthen your core!

Here’s what to expect:

  • As I share insight into the inner core muscles, you’ll learn to use your core correctly and effectively.
  • Build awareness of postural habits through specific exercises. Keep them in practice to protect your back through everyday tasks.
  • Reap the benefits of the exercises you’re already doing by adding these concepts to maximize your outcomes.

I commonly see people have a disconnect with their core muscles and perform common abdominal exercises poorly – this leads to low back instability and pain, making you prone to injury.

During this informational session, I’ll clarify the inner core. I’ll demo a few exercises and techniques to enhance your postural awareness. Enhancing awareness will help you:

  • connect to the correct muscles
  • safely progress to more advanced exercises
  • fortify your daily movements to protect your back.

Sign-up below to get access to the webinar.
Yes, I want to save my back!

See you there!


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