Pelvic Curl Variations and Cues

The pelvic curl is an integrated exercise that mobilizes the spinal segments and recruits several muscles in an orchestrated symphony. When performed correctly it engages your entire core; From the pelvic floor muscles to your upper abs and thoracic spine. In this demo, I give you some cues to help you tap into these muscles effectively to truly benefit from the exercise.

Pro Tips:

To find a neutral pelvis: Begin by mobilizing your lower back; First, press the low back into the mat (this is a posterior pelvic tilt) then arch it as much as you can (this is anterior pelvic tilt). Repeat this a few times, tilting your pelvis forward and back, working with your entire range of motion; Find the middle range between those two extremes, this is your neutral pelvis position.

Firm yet “supple” abs: Meaning, your abdominal muscles slowly extend and contract in coordination with your breath; Exhale on exertion.

When working unilaterally: It’s normal to have differences in strength; Take notice of that gap, if it’s a big one consider incorporating specific training techniques for each side to bring balance.

Keep in mind: The pelvic curl is as much an abdominal exercise as it is a glute one. Beginning with a breath, move on the exhale and pull your pelvis through with the lower abdominals.

For more on how to engage the core correctly be sure to read my blog post on the topic, Click Here.

Stand tall Breathe deep


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