When Your Motivation Gets Sucked into a Black Hole

These times are shaky. You’re either at the brink of a nervous breakdown or on the verge of greatness. The in-between being held in limbo or monotonous routines – what day is it? At the risk of sounding bleak (if I didn’t already), many of us may feel our motivation got sucked into a black hole. I’m a self-motivated person, but I wholly lost mine. The feeling was empty and guttural and strangely exhausting. That’s an awful place to reside. So, what can we do to claim it back? Precisely that. Claim it back. Fervently!

Before taking that step, I think it’s necessary to acknowledge exactly what you’re feeling. Mental strength should be strengthened just as muscles are. It has helped me to describe what I’m feeling and examine where those feelings may stem from. I’ve tried finding motivation by involving myself in several projects at a time, only to be left exhausted and unfulfilled, even a bit resentful. Often times when we find motivation externally, it tends to be fleeting and unpredictable. We must anchor that cause to our beliefs and values for a lasting impact.

Here are a few tips that have helped me along the way. I hope you’ll find them helpful as well: 

  • Stay curious about your passions and interest. Seek out courses, books, groups with like-minded people. Let your passions be the anchor that grounds and guides you back to that internal spark. Being part of something you enjoy uplifts your mood and gives you a sense of control.
  • Talk about it. Many of our friends and family might be feeling the same way and not know how to express it. When we reveal our vulnerabilities to others, it could significantly change someone’s life – and ours.
  • Self-care is essential. Exercise and massage are on the top of my list. I temporarily abandoned my definition of exercise – sweating profusely to muscular fatigue – and redefined it simply as movement. I began enjoying daily walks in nature; for me, it helps to quiet brain chatter and clarifies priorities. It’s a huge mental offload. I find the serenity of nature healing and invigorating. Get out there, stay safe, and take your life back.
  • Write about it. I have a suitcase full of journals in my attic. Journaling helped me decipher confusing emotions and gain a different perspective. Writing before bedtime helps my mind process all that’s going on and come up with resolutions—some mornings, I wake-up with epiphanies. 
  • Self-Discipline. Discipline gets the job done. It could be from the most mundane of things like flossing your teeth to more ambitious goals. Make a plan, break it down into actionable steps. Set time aside to focus on it. Start small and make sure it’s realistic. Write a daily task list and check it off as you complete the tasks. I find this simple act so gratifying!
  • Mindfulness practice. Be present as much as you can and set time aside to consciously practice it. The modern world can easily consume and devour our spirit, step away from it periodically. We’re often busy planning for the future or worrying about the past, and joyful opportunities quickly pass us by. I make it a daily reminder to stop, breathe deep, and enjoy the moment.

I hope this post has been helpful. If you could use some motivation in starting a fitness routine set-up a free virtual consultation, Click Here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stand tall Breathe deep,


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