Online Fitness – It’s The Way

The last few months have propelled the fitness industry light years ahead. Online fitness options abound, from Live virtual classes on instagram or facebook and even in community hubs like libraries. I must say I am proud of my industry. Personal trainers and fitness instructors are passionate educators and they’ve stepped-up during this time. There’s something inherent within us fitness professionals that genuinely wants to grab an individual by their hand and guide and empower them towards a healthier lifestyle.

The pandemic has hit a pause on my role as an in-home personal trainer. Though I am still visiting a few carefully selected clients – mostly seniors in need of their therapeutic exercise – the rest of my sessions are delivered virtually or via a fitness app. This way of training has certainly opened the door to my services being available to anyone in the world – quite literally. However, many people are unsure what to expect from online personal training (I’ll call it virtual training from here on), especially if it’s their first time seeking a trainer. I’m going to clarify that for you today, at least, what you can expect from virtual training with me.

First Things First

The monotonous days of working from home take a toll on your body and mind, and you want to salvage your health with proper guidance from a qualified trainer. Maybe you’ve never worked with a trainer before, and you might be skeptical or overwhelmed by the options – I get it. Step one, search for a trainer. Get recommendations from friends or colleagues, search on social media and follow their handle to learn more about their training style and specialty (click this link to read my post on what to look for in a qualified trainer). Once you’ve found one or a couple that resonates with you set up a virtual consultation – this should be free. Here you’ll get a feel for the trainer, discuss your fitness goals, go through a movement assessment, and if things go well, agree on a schedule and strategic plan. 

After The Consultation: Welcome to Your Virtual Session

We’ve agreed on a plan, a digital platform, and we’re ready for the first session. My sessions run on one of the following; my training app, Zoom, Google meet, or Skype. For a seamless experience, you’ll want to set-up the following in advance;

  • Your digital platform. Make sure your account is set up and ready to go.
  • Clear a big enough space for dynamic movement and jumping up and down.
  • Safety first, make sure there are no random objects on the floor that could trip you.
  • Position your digital device with a broad view of where you’ll be training.
  • Have a bottle of water, towel, and exercise mat at the ready. Discuss with your trainer if there are any other props you might need ahead of time. I send clients a reminder the day prior.
  • Make sure you’ve had a light snack an hour before the session; Some ideas, yogurt with granola, apple with peanut butter.
  • Be on time for the session!

During the 1:1 session, the coach must demonstrate the exercises first, especially if you’re a beginner or unfamiliar with the movement. Don’t be alarmed if your coach does not follow along with each set and rep. Coaches must keep a visual track of your form and be ready with instant feedback and modifications if needed. When it comes to training virtually, communication is critical. If a particular movement feels “off” or “weird” or you’re not quite sure if you’re performing it correctly, share that right away. Your coach may not have the best angle when viewing your movements, and there is a learning curve to get through.

I hope this article has given you some insights on working with a trainer virtually. Your feedback is welcome and appreciated. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need guidance and support with your fitness journey. With a customized training program that considers your lifestyle habits and stressors, you will learn tools and strategies to build sustainable habits and maximize your health.

Visit my online training menu on the Trainerize app by clicking here. I train individuals 1:1 or in small groups, up to 3 people. Head over to my contact page if you would like to shoot me a message and check out my partners here for discounts on items that align with a healthy lifestyle.

Stand tall Breathe deep!


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