Late Night Pumpkin Pie

What did you munch on last night? Yeah, me too. A boozy egg-nog and some chocolate. Not the best choice, although it was dark chocolate! No, it is not my average late-night munchy of choice. I’m more privy to kalamata olives, grape tomatoes, goat cheese, and some fancy crackers that look like a sliver of log – Yum! 

In life, we’re influenced by what surrounds us; by our loved ones and their opinions, what’s on the treat table, etc. These things motivate us to behave in specific ways. Add the holiday season to that mix, and well, it could lead to mindless snacking leaving us with an excess of unwanted weight and riddled with guilt. How about we avoid that altogether! With a little strategic planning and commitment to our health we could bypass that stress. If your feeling stressed about adding extra weight during the holidays, especially if quarantine-life dropped a few on you already, then this blog post is for you. I’m here to share strategic tips you could easily incorporate into the holiday season.

I will not suggest you restrict yourself. Instead, I suggest you decide on a plan and add-in extra movement! Here are seven tips you can start planning out; 

  • Exercise first thing in the morning; if you’re a morning person, ride that boat! Put on your stretchy pants and get your workout in. Getting moving in the morning will release those feel good endorphins, and when we feel good we make better decisions. Are you just getting started with a fitness routine? Contact me! We’ll begin with a free 20-minute virtual consultation, we’ll discuss your health and fitness priorities to tailor a program to your unique goals.
  • Drink a glass of water before your meal; you’ve probably heard this one before. I personally don’t drink a full glass of water before my meal. I drink half a glass, about 4 ounces. Instead, I focus on the nutritious offerings on my plate than fill up my stomach with too much liquid. However it’s a viable option; customize it to your situation.
  • Eat lean proteins and fiber from your meal first; these take longer to digest. Savor every little morsel. 
  • Whenever possible, go for a walk after your meals. More movement means more glucose is being shuttled out of the bloodstream into the muscles. Reducing circulating blood glucose is helpful for type II diabetics.
  • Keep healthy snacks you ENJOY within reach. What I keep handy; pistachios, walnuts, Greek yogurt, kale chips, grapefruits, cottage cheese, figs, cucumbers, hummus, and I can not leave out dark chocolate. Choose fruits and vegetables that are low on the glycemic index and enjoy your dark chocolate in moderation!
  • Play, this is a fun one! Play movement-based video games or if you have children running around, join them! My point here is to get-in movement wherever you can.

Above all, enjoy your family time. One day of holiday comfort food will not derail your fitness; however, overthinking and shaming will. Plan a healthy strategy and eat that pumpkin pie without any guilt. Stay well, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Stand tall Breathe deep,
Corina Miranda-Risnes

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