“In a Flash” Post

This is a quick exciting post in regards to one of my partners ACTA wear! ACTA wear is a unique fitness clothes company. Their Renew collection is made from recycled materials, such as, plastic bottles, fishnets, and plastic bags! Their mission is to inspire athletes to give back. With every purchase you get the chance to donate to one of their partner charities;

  • Water
  • Hunger
  • Mental Health
  • Sex Trafficking

As a personal trainer, I live in workout clothing. As a busy mother of 3, I’m constantly organizing a busy household, I need to be able to maneuver with ease. I need clothing that is durable and high quality. Feeling good about my purchase is also a must.

Check them out for yourself at actawear.com. They are having a massive BLACK FRIDAY SALE right now. Up to 60% off quality, sustainable fitness wear that gives back to a cause, and did I mention… cute. Win-win! Use my unique code: Corina15 for an additional 15% off your purchase. That’s up to 75% off.


Visit actawear.com

Thanks for stopping by!

ACE/NASM Certified Trainer
NYS Licensed Massage Therapist

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