Benefits of Working with a Trainer

In the last few months, many of us have found ourselves with extra time and, perhaps, a greater interest in our overall health. If you’ve considered working with a trainer to help guide you through your fitness goals, read on friends.

Working with a certified trainer sets you up for success by having a trusted resource to help guide you toward your goals systematically. It boils down to this, would you like to sweat for an hour with no structured plan, or would you like to learn a little about your body, optimize your movement, and build lifelong habits?

Where are you on your fitness journey? Have you attempted a fitness routine before? What worked? What didn’t work? Do your daily actions align with your core values, and what matters most to you?

How will you measure your goals, by dress size or how much stronger you feel? Are your goals realistic?

Is improving your health a priority? For instance, improving cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure, increasing stamina, etc., or is it getting six-pack abs (or all of the above).

Are you ready to be held accountable? Are you prepared to modify your lifestyle?

The answers to the above questions are the value of what a 1:1 training program offers; it identifies:

  • Clear objectives.
  • Provides you with tools and strategies to stay consistent, which helps you to function at your best.
  • It reveals your resilience and provides you with a fitness blueprint to follow.
  • Helps develop specific skills and the confidence to maintain your achievements on your own.
  • It provides you with a customized and systematic training program to help you reach your goals safely.

Finding a Qualified Trainer

Choose a trainer that aligns with your values. Research, get recommendations, and find out their specialty. Do their skill set and experience complement the goals you are looking to achieve? Does the National Commission accredit their fitness certification for Certifying Agencies? NCCA is a gold standard for fitness certifications. They focus on ensuring programs follow the health, welfare, and safety standards to provide quality programs to the public. It ensures the trainer is current in the fitness field.

It is a journey. A journey that you must find worthwhile. If you seek a permanent change, behavior and lifestyle modification are key. You are paying a fitness trainer/coach to lead you through the journey for guidance and motivation. You must be prepared to commit the time and energy.

I’ve been a certified trainer for 13 years. In the last six years, I have focused my continuing education on corrective exercise, injury prevention training, and post-rehabilitation exercises. Movement compensations due to muscle imbalances breed chronic tension and feed movement limitations, leading to injury and musculoskeletal issues. I know, that was a mouthful!

My point, move often and learn to do it well with a trusted professional in your corner. I can tell you the basics go a long way. Many people move in a way that will throw out their backs. It’s inefficient. Optimizing fundamental movements will help you get the most out of the process. Training should be systematic and gradually progress. Working with a trainer should improve your body awareness, offer insight, and be purposeful and fun.

My programs as a trainer and massage therapist focus on helping you improve your health through customized fitness routines. You’ll improve functional strength and reduce the risk of injury with proper progressions and guidance. My holistic approach offers a comprehensive program, including a strong recovery and self-care component, guiding you toward sustainable habits.

I hope you have found this blog post helpful. Your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

I train individuals 1:1 or in small groups. Head over to my contact page if you would like to shoot me a message and check out my partners here for discounts on items that align with a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stand tall Breathe deep,
Corina Miranda-Risnes


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