Beet Juice for Healthy Skin, and Athletic Wear

The title says it all. I am eager to share with you products I enjoy and align with a healthy lifestyle. This post will be about that and to announce how happy I am to be a brand ambassador for two companies that resonate with my lifestyle and core values. Those companies are Orgain-clean nutrition, and ACTA wear-functional and high-quality athleticwear. And to give back, I will donate one month’s commission to a local food bank.


What we consume has the power to build up our immunity or deteriorate it, and that’s the frame of thought that brought me to Orgain, clean nutrition. While looking for a quality plant-based protein powder, my top priorities were pure, recognizable ingredients, Non-GMO, and a company with a mission I can stand behind. 

The founder of Orgain is a Doctor and cancer survivor. Below, I’ve embedded a video telling his story.

In addition to plant-based protein powders, Orgain creates meal replacements, sport recovery powders, and nutritional powders. The cherry on top is their line of healthy drinks and bars for kids. As a mom of three, it’s nice to have wholesome convenient snacks to pack for road trips or to appease hangry tantrums.

I’ve been mixing beets with Orgain’s plant-based protein powder-vanilla bean flavor. It’s creamy, delicious, and perfectly subdues the beets’ earthy (AKA muddy) flavor. Best of all, my kid actually enjoys sharing a beet shake with me. It brings back memories of my grandmother and her passion for health and wellness. She always had a tonic on hand for any ailment!

Want to try Orgain clean nutrition for yourself? Use discount code: StandTallBreatheDeep to get 30% off your first purchase.

Cheers, to good health! I find beet juice helps my skin look vibrant.

If you would like to give Orgain a try yourself, you can use my unique discount code, STANDTALLBREATHEDEEP, to get 30% off your first purchase, Click here!

ACTA wear

For the past 10 years, I’ve been living in workout clothes, no exaggeration. Finding fitness attire that moves well, fits well, and will stand up to intense workouts, the demands of mom life, shopping for groceries, etc., is a true gem.

These products fit like a glove, are lightweight but won’t easily break down, are seamless, and are made from recycled fabric. They are innovative and are big on sustainability, so much so that they’ve developed their own recycled material from plastic bottles, fishnets, and plastic bags. The good feelings don’t end there. With every purchase, you get the opportunity to donate to one of their charity partners.

Want to try ACTA wear for yourself? They carry athletic attire for men and women, and you can shop by sport. Click here and use the discount code: HoodieComfort for 15% off your purchase. That’s a lifetime code you can keep reusing!

It’s very exciting for me to share these items and discounts with you. I hope they will be useful in your healthy lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to reach out with your inquiries.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stand tall Breathe deep,
NYS Massage Therapist


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