Circumstances Have Changed

Recently I read that the coronavirus pandemic has fast forward the online training business 10 years, you think?!! It’s pretty much the only option at the moment. In my opinion, that’s not all good (the stressors involved) and not all bad (accelerates a skill-set). It is an opportunity for growth.

The last day I sent my children to school was March 11, 2020, it was a Wednesday. I remember feeling apprehensive (sick to my stomach really) about sending them that day. The next week their school closed. We have been forced to adapt swiftly under a stressful circumstance. Lives have been completely reorganized in a way we could have never imagined. The stressors are high. With mandates to self quarantine at home, health should be a priority. Personal trainers are scrambling to keep servicing their clients and transfer the value of 1:1 in-person sessions to virtual training sessions – myself included.

I’m certified both by ACE and NASM as a Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. I am impressed and proud at how the fitness industry has come together, to both educate, and provide trainers with resources in dealing with the current pandemic. I am also impressed at the out-pouring of home workouts on social media from trainers all across the world in an effort to keep people active and motivated. At this point I’d like to say, if you’re finding it a bit overwhelming to navigate, remember to stick with the basics – especially – if you have not been exercising consistently. To those individuals I’d like to say; I want to help you stay active and healthy during these times by providing you with guidance and support on your fitness journey.

Below you’ll find the link to my training programs via the Trainerize app. I have a few options;

1. Pre-written programs via the app not only provide structure but hold you accountable by requiring check-ins for each session planned and track your progress.
(Discounted until the end of April)
2. Monthly membership is available for those interested in personalized workout programs, on going coaching and accountability. (60% off for the first month)
3. I also offer live or pre-recorded virtual sessions, 1:1 or in a small group setting (up to 3 with similiar fitness goals/level). These could be done via Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, etc., – we have options! Customized pre-recorded routines are delivered via YouTube. (Suggested donation $8 a session via paypal until the end of April)

We are lucky that we can remain socially connected through this new challenging reality. Technology may dictate the medium but a supportive, experienced trainer provides the heart, and knowledge!

Check out my Training Site for Options 1 & 2. Head over to my contact page if you’re interested in live or pre-recorded customized training sessions. Not having time to exercise is not an excuse right now. Take advantage of this time to tune into your body, boost your health and physical fitness. Exercise is a tool that will help with the added stress we’re facing – come out stronger, more resilient.

Let’s Stay Safe, Strong, and Active Together!
Connect with me on IG @standtallbreathedeep


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