Pull Your Hair To Relieve Tension Headaches

As a massage therapist, this is a tip I dish out frequently because it’s simple and effective. I suggest this specifically for tension headaches. The kind that usually surfaces after a poor night’s sleep, eye strain, tense muscles, and stress factors.

What Will Pulling Hair Accomplish?

First let me describe the landscape; Fascia is the connective tissue that covers bones, tendons, muscles, and it’s pretty much interwoven everywhere. The skull is covered in fascia, cranial nerves, muscles, and other gooey things I won’t go into for this post. When it is healthy (fascia) it’s pliable, certain conditions can change it’s consistency and make it denser. Tense or inflamed neck and shoulder muscles will contribute to the health of fascia. In pulling your hair, you’ll be lifting the scalp, and underlying fascia creating space. This will help relieve inflamed structures, giving a pathway for fluids to move.

The Technique

  • Start by sitting in a comfortable position in a quiet area
  • Take a broad amount of hair beginning at the base of the skull (or anywhere else that works for you),
  • Pull gently – at first diagonally then in all directions, gradually increase tension
  • Breath deeply, rhythmically
  • Continue to the next section, pulling row by row

That is all simple and effective! You can try adding aroma therapy to enhance the treatment. Many times muscles in the neck and shoulder area harbour trigger points that refer pain to the skull area. If you are a frequent headache sufferer seeing a massage therapist who is skilled in trigger point therapy can help you manage them holistically without having to rely on over the counter medication. Send me a message if you are seeking a massage therapist and live in the NYC or Westchester area!

Thanks for reading!

Stand Tall, Breathe Deep!

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