Ways to Exercise After a Cesarean Part II

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Continuing on from the previous blog entry, here I’ll share the routine that I’ve introduced at 6 weeks postpartum. Previous to this my focus was basic deep breathing, walking and pelvic tilts/kegels. Now, I’ve been integrating basic core exercises to build strength and stability through my core and re-establish that mind to muscle connection. Consciously coordinating breath with movement is key to fully engage muscles and maintain spinal alignment. For cardio I’ve been power walking steep inclines and declines while pushing a hefty infant and stroller. I’ve also integrated my favorite new tool, the Bodyblade, it’s a tool heavily used in rehab settings. I find it to be everything I’m looking for, efficient, gentle but challenging, and taps all areas of fitness. Not only does it exercise your strength and endurance, it also exercises your coordination and balance. The most genius thing about it is, the effort you put in, you receive right back. This is my perfect solution for days I might be lacking in energy but still want more than just a walk through the park.

Below are video demonstrations of the routine I’ve been following 6 to 10 weeks postpartum. I perform them 3xs a week. I make sure to exhale through my mouth on the effort phase (that’s when muscles engage to brace for a movement) and I inhale through the nose at the end of the movement. I start with pelvic mobility by performing pelvic tilts (shifting the pelvis forward and backwards) and I stop at a neutral alignment, this is where my low back is neither overly arched nor completely flat against the floor. I begin with floor core work because I want to start with rested abdominals not tired ones. Below I list the exercises and include a video. You’ll notice in the second exercise (90 degree single leg lift and decline) I place my hands on my hip bones. This is to feel for movement in my pelvis, the less movement, the stronger my abdominal muscle control is becoming. Remember to consult your doctor before beginning this or any other workout routine. As gentle as the exercises may seem, all bodies are different. Don’t hesitate to contact me with feedback!

  • Supine (lying on your back) posterior pelvic tilt with hip bridge
  • 90 degree single leg lift and decline
  • Forearm Plank, shifting body weight forward and back
  • Side to side hip taps in forearm plank position
  • Prone (lying face down) shoulder and hip extension
  • Bird-dog exercise, last exercise (keep hips squared, focus on forming one straight line from hand to foot)

Strength Training routine; I’m using a 10lb kettlebell and pilates ring (I got these from power-systems.com) Here my focus is movements involving large muscles and core stability. With the pilates ring I’m able to work on my inner thighs and pelvic floor muscles while standing, challenging my balance. At one point you’ll see me come off balance – still a work in progress! I’ve started with 15-20 reps for each exercise. These are my baseline exercises on which I will build more intensity, reps, weight and movement in the coming weeks. So fun!

Weight routine 6 weeks postpartum

Finally, my Bodyblade routine. I love it, I feel like a svelte samurai warrior using it! It takes a while to get into the rhythm of it, it works your body from the inner most muscles and reverberates outward. The more force you drive into the blade, the more velocity your body will have to control as it bounces back. For more info on the Bodyblade, check them out.

Hope this blog post has been informative and helpful. I’m a ACE certified trainer, NASM corrective exercise specialist and NYS licensed massage therapist but most importantly a mom of three! I focus on choosing exercises for longevity, going through a systematic progression, never moving forward without first mastering a movement. I like to have fun while training, I like to keep it honest, love sharing my knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics, and supporting my clients in reaching for their best!! Better body, better health!

Stand Tall, Breathe Deep!

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