Post-natal Life

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​​It’s been six weeks since I gave birth to my second daughter via cesarean section. She was in a breech position (feet down towards birth canal) therefore a cesarean section was my only option. A C-section was scheduled, however, my little one couldn’t wait! I began feeling contractions three days before the actual scheduled C-section and was admitted to L&D as a “walk-in” cesarean section. It sounds so trivial when you add in the “walk in” part, but that’s literally what the nurses called it. My daughter was born healthy and breathtakingly cute on July 5th. Then commenced recovery for mom (the 4th trimester) and observing the world around her for baby. 

Here I digress – I’d like to take a moment to honor past, present and future mothers and to the mental and physical rigors required of the journey of carrying and delivering a child, and there are so many variations on delivering! – Women are a force, Amen!

I have two children already and both had very different deliveries. Something incredible happens after giving birth, some sort of amnesia occurs (must be the hormones) and all the strenuous moments are temporarily erased from memory. That has been my experience. Then you have a newborn in front of you and you remember!! It’s insane!! Yes, a miracle and beautiful but insane!! The transformation of the body, pregnant for months, and then your not, but you still look 6 months pregnant. The breast feeding process – which I found more difficult than the surgery itself – painful, agony. The mind needs time to catch up to what’s going on with the body. An array of emotions boil over. There’s alot of strength and stamina required of mothers. 

So where does fitness fit in through all of this??! It doesn’t. At least not in a structured manner. It’s all about walk therapy and deep breathing in the first post-natal weeks. I had to be conscious of every movement due to the c-section. Breathing deeply, exercises abdominal muscles, and gets them functioning at their most basic level thus preparing them for more. Those first few weeks are crucial for baby/mama bonding. Accept help when offered. Help with meals and play time with siblings are a god send! Take time to get lost in the beauty of newborn life. Stay tuned for my next post on workout tips for post-natal life. Meanwhile,

Stand Tall, Breathe Deep!

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