Efficient Home Workout with Tabata Training

Pressed for time but still want to get on a full body sweat fest? Well, I guess there are many ways to go about that!!

What I’m suggesting is a tabata HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout. Save the time it will take you to get to the gym, put on your sneakers and stretchy pants, and get a full body workout right at home – no excuses!

The Tabata protocol comes from the research of Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata. Through studies he found this type of training improved both the anaerobic and aerobic energy pathways (basically our cardiovascular capacity and muscular endurance) making it an efficient workout. The protocol is based on 20 seconds of maximum effort work dispersed with 10 seconds of rest and repeated in 8 intervals for a total of 4 minutes. I like to point out that the rest is more of an active rest, you’re not quite still but  preparing for the next exercise.

A few tips; If you are a beginner, do a 5 minute warm up (jumping jacks, run in place, dance) before getting into the tabata routine and begin with body weight alone – no additional weight. Advance players that have good form, core strength and good body awareness, go all out, add a kettlebell or medball, go for a second round! When you’re done, cool down until your heart rate comes back down to normal, then stretch! Keep a bottle of water around!

The types of exercises that can be used for tabata workouts are endless. I use full body exercises utilizing the major muscles of the body to maximize the benefits. As an example, I’m attaching a video of a tabata routine I do at home. I use a 10lbs kettle bell for some of the exercises and have a tabata timer app which leads me through the drills. The first two exercises is when I’m truly exerting myself and pushing my threshold. I’m pregnant at the moment and will modify the workout where necessary (you’ll notice this in the video) – but still, working at my all out capacity. Remember to challenge yourself, work at an all out capacity that is appropriate for you, modify if you need to but don’t stop moving until your heart rate drops back down. Cool down when it’s all over.

Here’s a breakdown of the exercises in my routine;

Interval 1/ 20sec – Jump  Squat – 10sec rest
Interval 2/ 20sec – Kettle bell Swing – 10sec rest
Interval 3/ 20sec – Side Lunge Right – 10sec rest
Interval 4/ 20sec – Side Lunge Left – 10sec rest
Interval 5/ 20sec – Kettle bell Swing – 10sec rest
Interval 6/ 20sec – Mountain Climber – 10sec rest
Interval 7/ 20sec – Push up to Plank – 10sec rest (I’m struggling by now)
Interval 8/ 20sec – Moving cross-over Plank – 10sec rest (Can’t wait until it’s over)

FINISHED!! Reap the rewards, calorie burn increases for the new few hours!

More info on tabata protocol: Tabata Info

Ideas on tabata routines: Tabata routines

I’m an ACE certified personal trainer. I offer personalized private and semi private sessions as well as virtual workouts, live via Skype or pre-recorded.  Contact me for more info at standtallbreathedeep@gmail.com. I’m here to guide and support!

Hope you’ve found this useful and will include this efficient workout next time you are pressed for time – but realy want to fit in a workout!

Happy Training!

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