Strong Body, Strong Mind, Peaceful Heart

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That’s my mantra!

I say it when I get uninterrupted time for myself. I say it when I’m frazzled and could use an interruption. I say it like I mean it and let it seep into my consciousness. I say it as I drift away during a massage or while I’m sweating and cranking 90 rpm on the bike.¬†It’s my soul therapy, it’s my foundation, it’s my truth.

It’s imperative for our health and well-being to take a time out. Busy schedules, stress from work, family, friends can take a toll on the body and mind. Find your mantra and make some time for a good massage, a great workout, nourishing food. Your body, your mind needs this.

I’m an independent personal trainer and massage therapist. I work in the NYC metro area and Northern Westchester County. I believe in building a strong and healthy foundation before attaining a greater degree of fitness, endurance, and agility. I believe massage therapy is revitalizing and essential to all lifestyles. It’s a great investment for your health.

Check out some of the benefits of massage as listed by the American Massage Therapy Association.

25 reasons to get a massage

Stand tall, Breathe deep!


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