Pre-surgical Clearance…

…and peculiar anxiety dreams!

I’m scheduled for knee surgery in a few weeks – a patellafemoral replacement on my left patella and a medial patellafemoral ligament reconstruction. It’s been a trooper throughout all these years (my left patella). It’s handled box jumps, power jump rope, hill runs, HITT workouts, lunges galore and hiking mountains in Norway. I’m quite proud of it, how far it got me before totaling collapsing on me. Thank you mal-aligned patella and narrow trochlear groove. The second orthopedic doctor I ever visited told me that I was at a mechanical disadvantage because of my bone formation/placement. I was so at ease with that prognosis that I let many red flags go unchecked, leading to serious cartilage degeneration – actually cartilage loss –  beyond the help of non invasive procedures.
Now I’m having anxiety dreams about Anthony Bourdain being my surgeon (probably because I binged watched that show that shows us what a totally awesome gig he has – is he a chef?) and I’m totally freaking out asking him what does he know of the surgery??!! He proceeds to tell me he’s actually a great surgeon whilst smoking a cigarette?!!? Then I start screaming at my husband to go find my surgeon at HSS. Luckily I wake up right after – whew.
I share this in the hopes of providing some inspiration in any way and a bit of comic relief.
Stand tall, breathe deep!
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