Listen to your Body

I say that to my clients all the time.  It’s a reminder to listen AND reply to your body! Hurt, inflammation,  aches, pains – that’s a way of your body relaying what’s going on internally. It’s not a body in its normal happy environment.  In some instances inflammation is a healthy process, think after a workout, where most of the changes take place after the workout, or after an acute injury (healing begins with inflammation).

It’s not a healthy process when inflammation is chronic and painful – huge red flag. Sometimes the “red flags” are not screaming and as obvious. We brush off any aches and pains and blame it on bad posture,  desk job,  stress, etc. Yes, these things are contributors, but can be modified to prevent a buildup of imbalanced musculature.  This is the time for a well-rounded full body maintenance program.

No era before has offered such ease of communication, there’s rarely “off” time.

Whether it’s with family,  clients,  colleagues,  studies,  media, community and on – always on – it becomes difficult to schedule “routine maintenance” for one self.  Customized exercise, targeted stretches, focused breathing should have their own time slot. This way you get to know more about your own body, how it moves, where it should be strengthened, how to differentiate soreness or tightness from pain. In doing so, when your body speaks to you, you are an informed listener and can reply accordingly.
My practice and skill set is built/focused on corrective exercise, postural strength and fluidity. There’s a lot of chemistry going on inside our bodies and not everyday is the same, remember to listen. That’s my intention, for each body, with each session.
Stand Tall, Breathe Deep!
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