Stand Tall, Breathe Deep

For my first blog post I’d like to touch base on two fundamentals of good health, deep breathing and mindful posture. Try it now, ground your feet to the earth – you don’t have to be barefoot but it feels more invigorating. Feel for contact with the floor from all corners of the feet. Switch awareness to your ankles and knees, strong like columns but fluid and mobile. On to your pelvis, the strong base of support for your core. Move your tailbone forward and backward a few times. Stop at a neutral position where you’re neither increasing the curve in your lower back or decreasing it. Now on to your ribcage, place one hand on your belly, as you take a deep breath feel it push out your hand. At the height of your breath feel your vertebrae stack up tall, your ribcage hovering directly over your pelvis. When you exhale don’t lose that feeling of standing tall. Take that length up to your cervical spine, tuck your chin (slide your chin posterior, keeping it on the same level) making sure not to tilt it up or down. Keep your breathing rhythmic, exhale through your lips fully before taking the next inhale. Finally, imagine a cable coming out the top of your head that’s pulling you closer to the ceiling, anchor your heels to the ground and stand tall, breathe deep!

Thanks for reading!

Stand Tall, Breathe Deep!
– Corina

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